RocketBox™ Max

We know that it’s very difficult to get students excited about STEM and to bring fun, straightforward, engaging, and affordable activities into the classroom. RocketBox™ Max is our answer to this problem for several classes.  RocketBox™ Max provides you all of the required materials and step-by-step instructions to teach your students standards-based curricula while building and flying real rockets!  With more rockets and motors, RocketBox™ Max allows you to do rockets with several classes at the same time.

RocketBox™ Max contains the following reusables:

  • Four full-color printed lessons with examples and solutions (see our Curricula page)
  • 25 modular model rockets (see our Meet The Rockets page)
  • Launch pad and controller (and battery)
  • Altimeter

Rocketbox™ Max contains enough of the following consumables for 25 launches:

  • Motors
  • Streamer and elastic (streamer recovery system)

We recommend this kit for teachers who will use it for several classes simultaneously. If done in groups of 5 students, each kit can support 5 classes of 25 students (125 students total), right out of the box! After use, you just need to get more motors, cutting down cost and turnaround time. With that capability, several teachers can share a single kit.


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These aren’t your father’s rockets!

The rockets included in RocketBox™ Max are our own design and are built in-house with 3D printers (the same as you’ll find in our RocketBox™).    These rockets are modular and reusable.  This means your students can build them (quickly and without glue, blades, or tools), fly them, and then you can disassemble and store them for next time.

Each kit includes five different types of rockets.  Students can explore the rockets’ physical differences that lead to differences in flight performance.  While novel, we have painstakingly developed and verified both the rockets and the manufacturing method with analysis and testing.

For more information, see the Meet The Rockets page.

RocketBox™ Max includes approximately four lessons of instructional material covering motion, the scientific method, and (of course) rockets!

For more information, see the Curricula page.


This product is not suitable for children younger than 13 years of age.


We try to make sure every kit contains yellow, magenta, blue, orange, and white rockets, but colors may vary.


Questions?  Please let us know!

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