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Our all-inclusive STEM solution, RocketBox has everything you need to teach STEM lessons coupled with a model rocketry experiment.

RocketBox Features

Developed with teachers, our curricula reads like a script so you can get going right away. There are multiple modules that include math and science concepts that align with state and national standards.

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Next-gen Model Rockets
We've painstakingly designed and developed a new type of model rocket that you can assemble in seconds without tools, fly, and then disassemble, allowing every class to get the rocket building experience with only one set.

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...Batteries Included
RocketBox includes everything you need to lead students through STEM lessons and a model rocket-based experiment, even the batteries.
Immediate Implementation
With our script-like curricula and inclusion of all you need, you can start teaching right away. The curricula is also broken down into sections that you can pick and choose from based on your schedule and students' abilities.
We've built RocketBox to not only be affordable up front, but to continue saving you money as it's reused. We also offer sizes and price points for every budget.

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Our rockets use standard A8-3 model rocket motors, building upon model rocketry's long and safe heritage. These motors are easy to find at national retailers and online.

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We love to talk about rockets, 3D printing, STEM, the weather, or whatever you need for your classroom. You're welcome to contact us via our Contact page info or with the below form.