Launch science off the page!

RocketEd, LLC is a company dedicated to moving all of us toward the future by making science, technology, engineering, and math education (STEM) hands-on, relevant, and exciting! We proudly do this with our flagship product, RocketBox™. It has everything you need to launch your (middle and high school) students’ imaginations by bringing rockets into the classroom. Go check it out!

Want to know more?  We look forward to hearing from you at support@gorocketed.com (or via the form below).


February 2016 Update

RocketEd is proud to now offer products for all price points.  Whether you need rockets for many classes, just one class, or just the bodies to add to your collection, you can find it here.  As always, shipping is free!

If you’re in the Houston, Texas area and would like to see our product in action, please email us at support@gorocketed.com  (or using the form below).