RocketEd started with the idea of a student...

As I sat in one of my final college engineering classes, I wondered why all of the cool stuff was kept in a book or on a chalkboard.  Rocket engine designs and diagrams were outlined and the math was described, but it was hard to get excited when the subject was kept intangible.  Several weeks in, I found myself surprised at my diminishing enthusiasm.  After all, this was literally rocket science!  As I asked around, it turned out that other students and teachers of all levels shared this frustration with STEM topics.  My name is  Sam Pedrotty and I created RocketEd  to address this problem.

Founder and CEO, Sam

RocketEd ready for launch!

I thought about how to make STEM more exciting and engaging for students while, at the same time, making sure it wasn't hard or expensive for teachers to implement.  As I continued to think about this, I realized that the combination of 3D printing and model rocketry might just do the trick!

During my final semester of college, I reached out to local teachers to see if my idea was any good.  One volunteered to work with me and allowed me to pilot a series of lessons based around these rockets.  It was challenging to teach science classes while finishing my degree, but invaluable-- most of the curricula RocketEd offers started as those lessons!

With the foundation of a rocket and curriculum set, I received more interest from local teachers.  I also involved some of my former STEM teachers.  Thanks to them, numerous improvements were made to both the rockets and the curricula.  From that humble beginning, RocketEd was born!  We're always looking to provide teachers the best possible product-- let us know what you need and we'll work with you to make it!

Our Goal

Get every student in the country flying rockets.

Help us get there!

Get your students flying and spread the word.